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Web Hosting

Spartan Media’s Web Hosting packages make it possible for customers to create an online presence for as little as R19 per month. Our Home packages offer a cost-effective entry point and can be upgraded at any time to one of our Business packages allowing you to increase your web space as needed. Our Home Web Hosting packages are ideal for hobbyists and small business owners looking to create an online presence. With a comprehensive Linux development environment, increased disk space and more email boxes, our Business Web Hosting packages are perfect for the growing business.

Custom Hosting Solutions

Custom Hosting Solutions offers the flexibility of a truly tailored solution, for customers that require Spartan Media to take complete responsibility of mission critical projects. This service includes a dedicated Account Manager, complete server management with server configuration flexibility as well as URL, Operating System and Hardware monitoring with unlimited emergency access to a 24x7x365 dedicated support team.

High Availability

For mission critical websites, Custom Hosting Solutions works with you to ensure your data is synchronised between primary and failover servers based on your requirements. The servers are hosted in different geographical areas to minimize the impact on your hosting environment by both natural and human disasters.

Customisable Managed Platform

Custom Hosting Solutions will build and configure a server according to your unique requirements which may not be possible on Spartan Media's standard managed platform. The server is built to meet the exact needs of your online project.

Load Balancing

For websites that receive a great deal of traffic, load balancing distributes this traffic efficiently among two or more servers so that no individual server is overburdened and web applications perform optimally.

Dedicated Account Manager & Technical Team

Custom Hosting Solutions customers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who makes sure that the service delivered remains appropriate, effective and efficient. The Account Manager is your single point of contact. Working closely with the Account Manager, the dedicated technical team has an intimate understanding of your technical needs and is able to respond swiftly to your unique set of requirements.


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