What Is Cloud Computing?

Spartan Media helps organizations and companies understand, evaluate, test, configure, and implement cloud solutions. Cloud computing uses off-site server clusters that are in “the cloud” or in large, secure, well-maintained network operation centers. Translation: you don’t have to worry about cloud services like you do about the server in your closet.

Cloud “clusters” scale and can be reconfigured raidly to meet your projects, and business needs. Cloud solutions can be any application from a customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, to word processing, to a widget on your workstation, laptop, or mobile phone.

The benefit of cloud-based solutions include:

  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Access
  • Deployment
  • and more!

Cloud Solutions

From the implementation of public cloud services such as Google Apps and Office365, to delivery of core software applications over the web, through to a complete cloud infrastructure that replaces on-premise servers, Spartan Media offers a unique range of integrated cloud solutions designed for your business. Modular cloud services are customised to complement your existing IT environment. Additional services are easily transferred from on-premise to the cloud over time as your older servers are phased out.

Delivery of all cloud services is completely flexible and scalable, with predictable costs. And to ensure the needs of business and there customers are met, four key drivers underpin all ongoing cloud development:

  • Enhance teaching and learning opportunities
  • Meet the needs of school administrators
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Enterprise Class security, reliability and privacy

Log on once to access common web-based software.

Using IdP (Identity Provider) technology, staff and owners need remember just one username and password to get seamless access to web‐based apps.

24/7 access to essential software from any device.

Updates, patches and backups centrally managed so you enjoy reliable, secure and easy 24/7 access at the office and home, via any web-enabled device.

Safe and secure protection of your most critical data. A sophisticated

set‐and‐forget backup solution where files are automatically transferred from work computers to off‐site, state‐of‐the-art, storage facilities.

The complete IT infrastructure—in the cloud.

Built, tested and ready to go, Spartan Media offers a fit-for-purpose network platform for staff and owners. We remove the need for servers in your business so you can focus on your clients.




The IT landscape is constantly changing and CIOs and IT managers are facing a daunting challenge. While the growing dependence on IT means that infrastructure has to be kept up-to-date, governance requirements demand more business continuity through high availability.

Through our Cloud Solutions, Spartan Media gives you access to highly skilled, technical teams who manage multi-faceted environments. Our Cloud-based server platforms enable easy hardware refreshes and maintenance that helps grow your IT infrastructure and meets your business requirements for lower costs and rapid speed to market at the same time.

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